About Us


Great organizations don’t use people to develop a mission – they use mission to develop people.

About Us

The key to running a successful nonprofit, Allison will tell you, is recruiting and motivating a great team. And great teams require exceptional leaders that recognize the interdependence between the volunteers and the staff. It’s the momentum created when passionate and effective leaders, managers, volunteers, and staff unite in singular purpose. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s The It.  The success of a nonprofit rests in having strong leaders, clarity of mission, an aggressive strategy, a motivated team, and measurable results.
At Blackfish, we don’t just focus on the results.  We focus on the result of the results.  How many people will eat lunch today because one food ministry is properly staffed?  How many wheelchair-bound children will play outside because a group of parents raised enough funds for new equipment?  How many people will be able to read a recipe or a prescription because tonight’s adult literacy class is still in session?
For more than 20 years we at Blackfish have guided nonprofit groups and government agencies through challenges common to all growing organizations. Without good, solid intervention, many nonprofits would succumb to the elements of unplanned growth, misguided leadership, muddled missions, or dependency on unsustainable funding streams. Still more would paddle along, but never maximize their potential and value to their community.  We train executives, staffs, volunteers, and board members to become effective, blackfish leaders – motivators who know their strengths and lead organizations to success through clarity of purpose and a focus on results.
What We Do
Services at Blackfish include strategy consulting; leadership and team coaching; and community education.  We partner with nonprofits of all sizes, state governors, college sports teams, and government agencies advising leaders on successful board engagement, strategic realignment, fruitful fundraising, team-building and effective management. 

Blackfish leaders have a compelling vision and mission. They set the pace for the organization, rally the team to focus on impact, measure results, and make lasting contributions to the community.


Find out what it takes to be a blackfish.