If your CEOs and EDs don’t do their research, you could easily fall prey to snake oil salesmen.


When you sign on for Blackfish Consulting, you’re opening the door to a long-term relationship.  Contracts last from three months to two years and will involve all your people.  Together, we’ll look at the grand scheme – your overall company vision and your plans to get there.
Our Consulting Program isn’t for individual training.  We focus on total team strategy.  Consultants will be on-site at least twice each month.  Professional fees are invoiced monthly at a set rate (plus travel and supplies cost).
Some of our team-oriented programs are outlined below.  We’re happy to help you select the best program for you.
Organizational Development Program
These projects involve a partnership approach between board & staff.

Succession Planning
Preparing for the next generation of leaders.

Stabilizing strategic solutions for organizations in trouble.

Strategic Planning
Balanced Scorecard™ approach to tactical decision-making.

Formal collaborations, strategic realignments and organizational merges.

Directing formal partnerships and overall restructuring.
Staff Development Program
These programs involve a partnership approach between chief executive & management team members.
–  Team Building & Leadership Team Development
–  Aligning Staff Performance with Mission & Strategy
–  Change Management Techniques
–  Working effectively with Board Committees
–  Developing Staff Leaders & Managing Staff Performance
–  Five Dysfunctions of a Team™
–  Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (MBTI)™
–  CPI 260® Assessment

Board Development Program
These programs involve all facets of board training and interaction of board members.
Board Retreats Feature:
–  Off-Site Retreats, One or Two Days
–  Full Board Assessment & Interviews
Governance Restructuring Includes:
–  Board Restructuring for Incoming Leadership & Impact
–  Board & Organizational Committee Redesign
–  Restructuring Task Forces to Align with Strategic Initiatives & Plan
–  Developing Committee Charters & New Annual Calendars
–  Board Self-Assessment & Meeting Assessment Templates
–  Reformatting Board Manual & Board-Recruiting Materials
Onboarding/Orientation Includes:
–  Recreating Orientation Agenda with Outcomes
–  Arranging “First Night” – Place, Menu, Speakers, Staff & Governance
–  Coaching First-year Mentors Paired with New Members
–  Creating Orientation Manual